06/01 2016

About Website Transfers

Thank you for your request to begin a website migration (transfer) to Web242. Please note that moving a website(s) from one server to another is a complex process, and requires several steps to be completed. The process requires time and due diligence to complete properly.

The length of time needed to complete a website migration will depend on the steps involved. WordPress and cPanel migrations are considered the easiest to complete. Manual migrations will take much longer.

From your Account Dashboard, Please complete the Website Transfer Form under My Services (see pic below).


Important Notes

During the migration please do not update your site. Any changes you make may be lost or remain on the old server. For high traffic WordPress sites we can perform a final sync after the migration.

Whatever you do, do not delete any email or hosting accounts, or modify any DNS entries! Doing so can cause your site to be down during the process, or lead to an unrecoverable loss of data.

We also prefer to leave your old hosting account in place for at least several days to a week after the migration. This will allow us to retrieve any files, sync WordPress, and for you to make sure all is in order.

What About Email?

If you have POP or IMAP email accounts on the server, it is important you keep your old hosting in place until your email is fully resolved.

During the migration, email will bounce between the two servers. This is a normal process of transferring a website. You may even find email is delayed or does not arrive etc.  Do not panic, this is a natural process of the migration, and email is usually not lost. It simply becomes queued on the old or new server.

Clients should leave their email account pointing to the old server until after the migration is complete. This will ensure all email is accounted for.

Clients will then switch their incoming and outgoing mail servers only after the migration is complete and DNS is fully resolved.

Google Apps Email

If you are using Google Apps for your email it is important we know this before the migration. We will need to configure specific CNAME and SPF records on the server ahead of time.

Also, you will need to leave your old hosting in place until after the migration is fully resolved. Otherwise, your email with Google Apps will no longer work.

DNS Propagation

Once all files are fully transferred, and testing is completed, the DNS (Domain Name Servers) need to be pointed to Web242. These are commonly referred to as Name Servers:


This process usually takes 15-24+ hours to complete. For this reason, we begin the process in the late evening (customer’s local time).

The site DNS will bounce for several hours between the old hosting account and your new account at Web242. For this reason, as previously mentioned, it is important to leave your old hosting account in place.

You can view your DNS Propagation at whatsmydns.net. Use the NS Record option:


SOP: Transfer Process

Here is the Standard operating Procedure (SOP) we use at Web242 for website migrations:

  1. Customer will complete the Website Transfer Form under My Services.
  2. Login to the current hosting account and verify the configuration.
  3. Create backups and files as needed.
  4. Move backups and files to Web242.
  5. Restore backups and files on Web242.
  6. Fully test site(s) and cPanel on Web242.
  7. Integrate DNS Records (i.e. Google Apps).
  8. Switch Domain DNS.
  9. Monitor DNS Propagation (12-24+ hours).
  10. Fully test site(s) and cPanel on Web242.
  11. Inform customer migration is complete.

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