Q. Can I use my affiliate income towards purchasing my own hosting ?

A. Yes! It’s called Store Credit.

1. Login to your affiliate dashboard. In the Settings tab select “Enable payout via store credit” (see pic below). Be sure to Save Profile Settings.

If you want to be paid out in cash or PayPal, for future payouts, then just uncheck the box.

2. Your store credit balance can be viewed under the “Statistics” tab (see pic below).  You will only see a balance after a payout has been made (usually month end).

You will now be able to apply any store credit towards your next purchase. How cool is that? Pay for your own hosting!

Common Questions

Q. How come I don’t see a store credit balance?

A. You will not see  a Store Credit balance until you have (1) enabled store credit, and (2) there has been a payout.

Q. I have a store credit balance. Can I get this amount paid out in cash?

A. If you have a store credit balance displayed, and would prefer a cash payout, please open a support ticket.

Need more help?

Open a support ticket