11/24 2016

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Google Analytics is one of the most popular ways to keep track of your website visitors. With Google Analytics, you can easily see where your traffic comes from, and what keywords brings visitors to your site. You can see how long visitors stay on your site, and much more. While there are a number of […]

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06/01 2016

About Website Transfers

Thank you for your request to begin a website migration (transfer) to Web242. Please note that moving a website(s) from one server to another is a complex process, and requires several steps to be completed. The process requires time and due diligence to complete properly. The length of time needed to complete a website migration […]

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02/19 2016

How to Switch Your cPanel Theme to Paper Lantern Retro

When I began building websites back in 2000, x3 was the classic cPanel theme. It’s what all of us have grown accustomed to and become familiar with. x3 was designed before mobile technology, bootstrap, and responsive design. It was becoming antiquated. At some point, cPanel would need to give it a new structural design, a […]

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