Backup Infrastructure

Backups are critical, and at Web242 we take backups to heart. Redundant backup systems are standard, and included for ALL hosting plans and clients. Unlike other hosting companies, we do not charge to restore a Cpanel backup.

Web242 provides three levels of backups:

RAID Drive

A RAID Drive (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives) is the first line of backups. In our configuration, a single RAID drive runs parallel to the main hard drive. It is a duplicate of all content that exists on the main drive. When information or data is updated on the main drive, it is also mirrored to the RAID drive.

In the event of a hard drive failure, the RAID controller will automatically switch to the RAID drive. This switch is instantaneous. Running off the RAID drive allows a new main drive or server to be provisioned.

Server Backups

Web242 takes a full server disk-image each evening. These are referred to as "Daily Server Backups". Currently, we run a schedule of 3-5 Daily Server Backups.

In the event of catastrophic hardware failure, these backups are used for restoring to a new server. They are also used as additional backups, before performing server maintenance or hardware upgrades.

cPanel Backups

cPanel backups are a complete backup of a single website. They include all websites files, databases, email accounts and email settings. cPanel backups are stored on a seperate drive off the server, termed the "cPanel Backup Drive". They are used in the event a client's website needs to be restored. We do not charge for restoring a cPanel backup.

Currently we take 3-5 daily cPanel backups, and bi-weekly backups on the 1st and 15th.