Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Use our CDN, and speed your website up to 300%!

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network.
Our CDN distributes your site by sharing files across multiple servers around the globe.
This improves both site speed and SEO.

Compare Plans

Compare Plans

Pay annually and save up to 15%

CDN 100


$15 /month

CDN 250


$25 /month

CDN 500


$35 /month

How does a CDN make my site run faster?

Lightens the load

  • First, a CDN distributes files and content across multiple “edge” servers. This takes the load off the “origin” server (where the website is hosted). This frees up memory and resources, and is helpful for websites that are image and video intensive. It also helps to speedup sites that have numerous plugins.

A shorter path

  • Second, a CDN reduces the distance from the website visitor, to a server that is closer to them. This results in less time to load a web page, as the business may be hosted on a different continent from the visitor. This is a huge benefit for clients who have (or desire) global reach.

How does a CDN benefit SEO?

Higher SEO Rankings

  • Google loves fast websites! A CDN can increase page load speed. This has a direct and positive impact on SEO and site rankings. By using Chrome metrics, Google is now favorably ranking faster loading websites.


The Web242 CDN does not change your DNS. You can keep your current Name Servers.

There are additional CNAME and A Records to setup. Web242 will help with any integrations required.

Our CDN is setup for WordPress or ClassicPress. You will need to install a caching plugin to connect your website to the CDN.

We recommend WP Super Cache or LiteSpeed Cache for best results.  Web242 will install either plugin, and connect your CDN.

No, the CDN does not make changes to your website. However, the CDN will preface your file names before serving them to the web. You will notice URL changes when viewing the source code of your web pages, with a new StackPath URL and ID.

If you wish to use a more friendly URL, such as,  we can configure the CDN to enable that.  

The CDN caches files on the edge servers for 24 hours or longer. This won’t affect adding new content such as blog posts, or WooCommerce transactions etc.

However, if you are a web designer or developer making regular updates or changes via FTP to static files, using a CDN can have a direct impact.  Visitors will view cached files on the CDN location closest to them, and not your most recent site changes. This is easily corrected.

First, you will need to disable the CDN from your website, and clear your site cache, via the WordPress caching plugin. This will make sure people also see your most recent changes.

Once done, please contact support, and ask us to clear the CDN cache on the edge servers.  After 10-15 minutes, the CDN network will access your most recent site files. Then you can reenable your local site caching.

Yes!  We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee within the first 30 days of service. If you are not 100% satisfied our CDN makes your site run faster, we will return your payment in full.

Speed up your website with our CDN