How Do I Connect Via FTP?

This tutorial explains how to connect to your website via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Adobe Dreamweaver is used as an example.

FTP Username and Password

To connect to your site via FTP, you will need both your cPanel username and cPanel password.

Your FTP username is the same as your cPanel username. Your FTP password is the same as your cPanel password.

This information is provided in your Important Hosting Information email. You should have received this email when you ordered a hosting plan. If you did not receive this email, then please open a support ticket.

FTP Host

You should connect directly to your website via the domain name:


If your domain has not yet resolved or you are currently hosting elsewhere, you can use the following for your FTP Host:
The server IP (from your completed order email)

Host Directory

The host directory will always be public_html

If you need to publish above the root directory of your website, then leave this field blank.

Use Secure FTP (SFTP)

Using Secure FTP (SFTP) is enabled on all hosting accounts. It adds an extra level of security and is strongly recommended. Using SFTP instaed of FTP, means your FTP login info is encrypted when you connect to your website. It also means files you transfer are also encrypted.

The configuration for SFTP in Dreamweaver is different than FTP:

FTP Port: (ask support)
Check Enable SFTP box (Dreamweaver)

Connecting with Dreamweaver

In this example, using Adobe Dreamweaver, we are connecting to using SFTP.


Connecting with FileZilla

Connecting with FileZilla is different than Dreamweaver. We suggest you use the SFTP example with Port 22.

SFTP Example:
** The Password **
Port: (ask support)

FTP Example:
** The Password **
Port: 21  (or leave blank)

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