Charito Kaay




Charito Kaay

Charito came to us for a one-page website (landing page). She wanted to promote her coaching, speaking, essential oils, as well as her new book. This was to be a substantial personal branding site, not just a “business card” style website.

Charito provided ample content for a one-page site, and we worked with her to pare down the text and deliver a clear message. Our aim was to convey Charito’s personal style and brand, while maintaining the right amount of content for the web design and flow to work.

Our graphic designer came up with an innovative design to differentiate each section of the landing page. This gave Charito’ site a unique vibe and feel, though some design changes between mobile and desktop were required.

Project Scope

  • Branding and graphic design
  • Sitemap and storyboarding
  • Content editing
  • Website build
  • Domain setup and DNS
  • Website hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

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