Vancouver Francophone Chamber of Commerce




Vancouver Francophone Chamber of Commerce

The Vancouver Francophone Chamber of Commerce (CCFV) required a complete redesign and rebuild. They wanted to simplify their existing website, and create a new look with a modern design.  CCFV also wanted to add English content, while allowing  for an easy switch between languages.

The Solution

We used a WordPress framework, combined with both a visual editor and multi-language plugin. The goal was to provide a visually appealing and multilingual site.

Project Scope

  • Graphic design and web-ready mockups
  • PSD integration to completed theme
  • Custom integration of multi-language plugin
  • Easy switching between EN/FR content
  • Redirects to maintain SEO from older site
  • Assistance with server and hosting setup
  • Integration of existing membership software
  • WordPress maintenance and support

More work