WordPress Backup FAQs

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Managed WordPress Backups is a premium service which provides you with peace of mind. In the event of a website disaster, backups can help you to recover quickly. Daily or weekly off-site backups are made of your WordPress site. Premium support is also included!

Can I Use the Service for Other Sites?

This service is only available for WordPress sites. The backup software we use, is dependent on WordPress being installed.

Why Do You Need an Admin Account?

In order to run and maintain backups, we need to install and configure backup software. We may, at our discretion, also manage or restore your backups remotely.

Why WordPress Backups?

Backups are essential to website recovery. Daily WordPress backups are stored in one or more locations off your server. This enables you to restore your site quickly when needed.

Where Are Backups Stored?

WordPress backups are currently uploaded to and stored to one or more locations. These include but are not limited to: our Web242 Dropbox account, UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon AWS,  and BackBlaze.

Can I Store Backups to My Own Account?

Yes! You can store the backups to your own Dropbox account, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP or SFTP to your server, Google Drive or Cloud, Amazon S3 Enhanced, Rackspace Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Multiple backup locations are also possible.

Here is the full list:


We do ask that, you allow us to store at least one backup set on our accounts.

How Many Backups Are Stored?

We will store a minimum of 10 daily and/or weekly backups, to a maximum of 30, up to the plan limits. The current plan limits are: 25 GB for Lite, 50 GB for Pro, and 100 GB for Elite.

Can My Backups Be Encrypted?

Yes we can encrypt your backups. However, if you lose your password, your backups will be completely unusable. Please consider this option carefully.

Can You Restore My Backups?

Yes, we can restore a backup at your request. We can also work with your webmaster or web agency directly. All backup restorations are billable time. Though we have had excellent results from restoring backups, there are no guarantees restoring from a  backup (see Indemnity and Use of Service below).

What Happens If I Cancel?

If you cancel your WordPress Backup plan, please keep the following in mind:

  • We will no longer provide daily backups.
  • Backups will be removed from our Dropbox account within 1 to 10 days.
  • The license for your backup software will be deactivated. You can purchase your own license to continue using the software.
  • If you were previously using the free version of UpdraftPlus, we can reinstall it for you. However, the free version stores backups on your local site. This means if your site or server is gone, so are your backups.
  • The first month (or value thereof) is non-refundable. It covers our initial setup and time.

Why Is the First Month Non-Refundable?

Time and resources are invested to install backup software. Therefore, the first month is non-refundable.

Indemnity and Use of Service

By using our WordPress Backup service, you agree to our Terms of Service and complete indemnity on our behalf.

We cannot be held responsible for, (including but not limited to): loss of backup files from a third-party remote storage (e.g. Dropbox), integrity of backup files created, downtime for any reason, or corruption of WordPress or files during backups or restoration.

We make no guarantee that any backups we do make can be fully restored or be usable when restored. Although we store daily and/or weekly backup files off the server, it is up to you to download these backups.


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