WordPress Backups (Discontinued)

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WordPress Backups!

Backups are essential to website recovery. Yet, how many of us really have backups?

A hijacked or hacked website, server or hardware failure, and even poor hosting, can all reign havoc on your website and business. By the time you need a backup, it’s often too late.

At Web242, Managed WordPress Backups gives you peace of mind. Weekly or Daily backups, are stored in locations off your server (i.e. DropBox or SFTP). This enables you to restore your site quickly when needed.

Use the same proven backup technology we do!

Not hosting with us?

No problem – WordPress Backups is an ideal solution. You can keep you current host or web developer, and we’ll manage the backups for you. If your website is down, we have you backed up!


  • Minimum 10 Daily/Weekly Backups* OR
  • Maximum 30 Daily/Weekly Backups*
  • *Up to 100 GB DropBox Storage
  • Complete Setup and Integration

Please be sure to read our WordPress Backup FAQ's before ordering.

Backup Lite

25 GB

$9.95 /month


Backup Pro

50 GB

$19.95 /month


Backup Elite

100 GB

$29.95 /month