The Best Vancouver – 2024 Website Builders Award

The Best Vancouver – 2024 Website Builders Award

Best Website Builders 2024 #12

Web242 Media is delighted to be chosen as one of the Best Website Builders in Vancouver B.C. We appreciate their review, and feel it is a good summary of our business approach.

The Best Vancouver defines a website builder as follows:

“Website builders are companies that specialize in creating and designing websites for individuals, businesses, and organizations.”

The Best Vancouver - 2024 Website Builders

Why hire a website builder?

Many businesses or solopreneurs often overlook the value of having a professionally designed and built website. They don’t realize that marketing is only part of the overall picture. It’s also important for a site to be well designed, load fast, and be easy to navigate. A well designed site also needs to take marketing goals into account before build.

However, when people end up building a DIY site themselves, their efforts often fall short. They don’t get the traction or marketing results they expect.

Having a well built and designed site is an important first step. As The Best Vancouver points out:

“If you want to ensure that your website is professional and well-designed, it’s worth hiring a website builder, as they have the expertise to create a functional and stylish website that can effectively represent your brand or business.”

Rating criteria

The Best Vancouver doesn’t rate every design company in Vancouver. To qualify, companies must meet a few criteria:

  • Reputation (five or more years in the industry)
  • Customization options
  • Functionality
  • Speed and performance
  • Responsiveness and flexibility

We are pleased to be included in the list of The Best Vancouver companies, and appreciate their positive review of Web242 Media Inc.

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