Updating to WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 Release

WordPress 5.5. was released on August 11th, 2020.  Numerous bugs and issues have been reported with this release.

Currently, we recommend that clients do not update their sites to WordPress 5.5.

Although this is labelled a minor release, the update involves significant changes to core files. Since the release, many WordPress users have reported broken themes, plugins, and page-builder widgets – especially in older themes. It will take time for developers to catch up with these changes.

Please note:

Managed WordPress plan clients: We will not be updating to WordPress 5.5.

Hosting clients: We disabled Softaculous updates for WordPress some time ago, and we do not force version updates from the server (as some hosts do). However, your site may automatically update to WP 5.5 with other WordPress installations.

If you have updated your site to WordPress 5.5 and are experiencing issues, we recommend you reach out to us. Our development team will be happy to help.

WordPress 5.5 - Bugs and Fixes

We started a post here to document WordPress 5.5 - Bugs and Fixes.

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