Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates

The regular billable rate is $90 /hr.
The minimum charge is $50 (under one-hour).
After-hours support or priority rate:  $150 /hr.

Meeting Rates

There is no charge for an initial discovery meeting.
Cancelled meetings are subject to a $50 minimum charge (under 24-hours notice).

Discounted Hours

Web242 provides discounted hours for clients  and agencies:

Hours must be purchased upfront.
Hours expire after 30 days.
Hours cannot be rolled over into another block.
Not available for after-hours support or priority work.
Pricing in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

  • 3 Hour Block:      $255  ($85 /hr.)
  • 5 Hour Block:      $400  ($80 /hr.)
  • 10 Hour Block:   $800  ($80 /hr.)
  • 20 Hour Block: $1500 ($75 /hr.)